If you’re single, chances are you’ve considered whether or not to make an online dating profile. You’ve taken a long, hard look at yourself in the mirror (let’s be real, probably while hungover from a night of single-ladies-drink-a-bottle-of-wine-each night) and thought – maybe this is the day I need to get on OK Cupid. Or Tinder. Or Hinge. Or whatever the app du jour is. Or maybe I get real bold about this and pay for it and do Match or eHarmony. If we’re being honest, it took us a while to get to that point, too.  We still had this perception that online dating was for weirdos who couldn’t find a boyfriend or girlfriend in real life. And now we know that we are some of those weirdos is definitely NOT the reality.

Like it or not, online dating is the new norm. Or at least, it’s the new way of putting yourself out there. Everyone, or so it seems, has or has had an online dating profile of some kind, and if you haven’t you’re not trying hard enough to find a one-night-stand love. And then there’s all the agonizing over which online dating site is right for you. We all know that Match is more serious than OK Cupid which is more serious than Tinder. But then we get confused because most people have multiple accounts so it doesn’t really matter, plus there’s that urban legend of the woman who found her one true love on Tinder. So it’s really a total crapshoot.

This blog is dedicated to the crapshoot. It’s about the crazy, funny, crappy experiences we have in the dating world. It’s a way to document and share the love, lust, and nonsense with each other and the world as we try to find that certain someone to share our life, or the night with.

Buckle up, this will be absurd.